From hybrid spotlights to spot diffused bumper lights and more, our team has the right truck accessories to help you light up the trail with confidence. Whether you plan on hunting until the sun sets or you need illumination on the job site, it pays to find the right truck lighting and accessories to get the job done. Mid-South Truck Gear offers LED truck lights at quality prices to help all of our customers safely navigate future challenges.

Our truck shops in Memphis and Olive Branch offer a range of lighting products, including:

  • Fog lights
  • Flood lights
  • Driving lights
  • Light bars
  • Dome and accessory lights

Mid-South Truck Gear and LINE-X of Memphis and Olive Branch are here to provide the right lighting for the challenges ahead. Our experienced team knows how to best match each individual with one or more lighting upgrades to create safer, more efficient vehicles. From accessory lights in the bed to high-power flood lights to brighten up challenging trails, you’re sure to find the right upgrades at one of our two locations.


Quality truck lighting can make all the difference on the road. We stock a range of Rigid products to help Tennessee drivers get the job done, including new truck lights, mounting equipment, wiring, light covers, and more. You can rely on the best build quality, durable materials, warranty coverage, and more to ensure that your lighting upgrades are worth every penny and more.

Based on your driving needs, the type of lighting upgrade you choose will vary greatly. Drivers looking for area lighting, such as for rock crawling, should focus on diffused lighting to illuminate the area and spot any tricky sections before it’s too late. If you’re planning on doing a lot of travel at high speeds, driving, spot, and hyperspot lights may be ideal. Stop by our shop and talk to us about your needs, and our team will provide the right truck lighting for your ride.


The right lighting can do much to keep you safe in any conditions. Since 2003, Go Performance has manufactured top-notch LED lighting and light kits for drivers in need of reliable results. You can browse our shop for the right performance bulbs to illuminate the challenges ahead. Mid-South Truck Gear specializes in truck accessories, and we’re confident that our

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Mid-South Truck Gear and LINE-X of Memphis and Olive Branch can help you find the best fit for your vehicle and future plans. From slow-moving crawlers to high-performance racemobiles, we’re confident that we can achieve the right fit at a price you’ll love. Stop by one of our locations to get started!

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