Mid-South Line-X is known for protecting truck beds, improving the resale value of your vehicle and matching prices from any authorized retailer on truck bed covers, lift-kits, steps, and other truck accessories. What most people don’t know is that Line-X can be used in a variety of industrial applications to protect floors against caustic chemicals or water-proof parts or to extend the life and reduce the maintenance and replacement cost of fleet vehicles.

We are paying $500 referral fees to anyone who introduces us to an industrial or fleet deal that closes!


  • Mobile Rigs
  • Oil & Gas
  • Pipe Coatings & Ditch Breaks
  • Primary & Secondary Containment
  • Trailer & Transport
  • Automotive / OEM
  • Construction
  • First Responder & Emergency
  • Infrastructure & Municipality
  • Work & Utility Truck
  • Marine & Boats
  • Military & Defense
  • Water-resist & Harden Individual Parts


Mid-South Truck Gear and Line-X is offering a $500 referral fee to anyone introducing us to an industrial or fleet deal that closes. The $500 can also be applied as a discount if an owner is requesting a bid for their own company. If your company has a policy against accepting referral fees then we are happy to donate the referral amount to a charity of your and/or the company’s choice if that is acceptable to all parties. The requirements:

1. Definitions.

1.1 “Referral” means an introduction to a qualified and bona fide client or customer for Services who then contracts for at least $7,500 in revenue.

1.2 “Referrer” means a person or entity directly responsible for soliciting and referring a Referral to Mid-South Line-X in-person or by email.

1.3 “Referral Date” means the date of transmission of a Referral by Referrer to Mid-South Line-X. This can be in-person or via e-mail to

2. Referrals

2.1 Payment of Referral Fees.

The referral fee will be paid within 30 days of the referral client signing an agreement with Mid-South Line-X and paying the deposit on the contracted work.

2.2 Eligible Time Period

The Referral must contract with Mid-South Line-X within Six (6) months of the Referral Date.

2.3 Resolution of Conflicts Regarding Referral Fees.

Mid-South Line-X shall not be liable for more than a single Referral Fee for a given opportunity unless approved in writing by the company. If any third party should make a claim for any Referral Fee or part thereof, then the Referral Fee earned for any closing hereunder shall be apportioned among the claimants for same as determined by Mid-South Line-X in its sole discretion. The decision of Mid-South Line-X regarding the apportionment of any Referral Fee due and payable hereunder shall be final.