Find the Right Truck Accessories

Your truck is among your biggest investments and likely one of your prized possessions. You put a lot of time and effort into perfecting this vehicle for your weekend plans or worksite tasks, so be sure to make the most of it with the right truck accessories!

MidSouth Truck Gear & LINE-X is the Tri-State area's most trusted source for the best vehicle upgrades, including spray-on bed liners, truck bed covers, and more. We understand that it can feel daunting trying to narrow down the right truck parts for the job, which is why we’ve created this page to walk you through the best upgrades and customizations available. Since 2004, our team has worked diligently to provide ideal protection and killer looks for every driver, from the weekend escape artist to the trail-busting off-road enthusiast.

If you’ve recently purchased a truck and want to make the most of it, be sure to visit our LINE-X shops in Memphis or Olive Branch for complete assistance. We can help you clad your vehicle in ruggedly handsome truck accessories from top to bottom with the right service at the right price!


You take pride in the appearance of your vehicle, and want to maintain that look for years to come. It can help to find the right upgrades to keep the weather and muck away from your investment. Browse a few of our top truck accessories to keep your beast clean through the roughest adventures, and feel free to contact us if you need assistance!



Weather Mats

Rely on the industry’s best floor mats to keep your cab clean and pristine throughout the winter season and beyond. MidSouth Truck Gear & LINE-X proudly supplies WeatherTech® floor liners to drivers in need, providing a precise fit for every truck. This company relies on precision at all levels of production to deliver industry-leading results, including laser measurements to generate a conforming fit each and every time.

Comprised of a patented High-Density Tri-Extruded (HDTE) material, these floor mats get the job done. You can expect the best results for your truck’s floors, offering years of rugged protection. WeatherTech states that you can protect your truck’s resale value, keeping the interior in excellent condition.

Skip the hassle of scrubbing your floors after every adventure and invest in this product to help keep your truck clean!



Vent Shades

You can protect your vehicle with quality floor mats, but what about the mess that comes in through the windows? Many drivers opt to crack their windows for fresh air yet desire protection from the elements, which is where side window deflectors can prove their worth. Whether you call them rain guards, window visors, or vent shades, the right deflectors can provide a low profile that perfectly fits your window channels. As you drive to your destination, you’ll notice that your cab is dry and comfortable, as warm air can escape while the wind noise is reduced.

The right product can help you cool down your truck’s cab when parked and keep the interior safe from rain. Find the best window deflectors to match your truck today!



Tonneau Covers

The right truck bed cover can do much to keep the bed of your vehicle clean and tidy. MidSouth Truck Gear & LINE-X of Memphis and Olive Branch offers a range of tonneau covers to match your needs, style, and budget. Browse our inventory to find folding covers, retractable bed covers with racks, flip-tops, roll-up covers, and more.

Our team can help you find and install the best truck bed cover for your needs, providing vehicle benefits which include:

  • Added security — Keep prying eyes away from the valuables in your truck bed. A quality cover will provide peace of mind for those with gear in the back.
  • Improved stability — Instead of leaving your tools and other equipment to the mercy of the wind, you can keep everything in place with a tonneau cover.
  • Clean results — Why spend time cleaning out the bed of your truck when you can simply keep the mud and moisture away? Truck bed covers help to keep the elements at bay.


From rugged mountain trails to the packed lanes of Interstate 40, hazards can come from nearly anywhere. You’ve just invested a lot into a beautiful new truck, so be sure you protect it the right way with our rugged exterior truck accessories! The MidSouth team is here to help you find protective products of all types to both preserve the shine of your truck and enhance its capabilities.



Fender Flares

If you’ve recently upsized your tires, then you understand the importance of keeping your vehicle street-legal. Fender flares are the perfect option for drivers with oversized wheels, keeping rock and debris away from the body. These deflectors can be added to your 4×4 fenders for a sleek, stylish finish. Keep flying debris within the wheel well and enhance your aesthetics with a rugged fender flare.

MidSouth Truck Gear & LINE-X offers stylish truck accessories that are durable and easy to install. We can help you find fender flares to match your unique style with precise products designed to utilize factory holes — no drilling or cutting required!



Step Bars And Nerf Bars

One way to keep your riders safe, as well as your truck, is to invest in the right step bars, running boards, or nerf bars. These truck steps were originally built to keep the doors and side panels safe from dings and dents caused by flying debris on the road (or trail). Many off-road enthusiasts rely on their nerf bars as a sort of bull bar, providing a rugged buffer from impacts.

The right truck steps can also help to make access into your cab easier. For those with lift kits, the added clearance may make life more difficult for any passengers. Visit our truck shop in Memphis or Olive Branch to find the right truck accessories to protect your pride and joy!


You want to protect your new investment and keep it clean through the toughest endeavors, and we’re guessing that you want to make it a versatile machine, as well. Our shop offers a range of aftermarket truck accessories to enhance the capabilities of your machine, from hitches to lift kits, lighting upgrades, and more.



Tow Hitches

MidSouth Truck Gear & LINE-X offers a range of hitches and towing accessories for trucks and jeeps, relying on proven products from quality manufacturers to deliver sturdy, stable results regardless of what’s in tow. You can learn about our towing products to find the right fit today!

Most customers we assist are happy to discuss their plans with their new truck. Many made the investment to pull their boat, jet ski, ATV, or trailer to live the outdoor life. Others require rugged solutions to help them haul equipment and materials to the jobsite. Whatever your needs, you can rely on our truck accessories to get the job done.

Lift Kits

Air lift kits can do much to enhance your towing experience. Drivers have come to our truck shops in Olive Branch and Memphis to level their vehicles with air springs and leaf springs. If you’ve noticed that your truck squats when loaded with a trailer, then it’s important to seek out a solution to improve your ride and the safety of everyone on the road.

Our team offers a range of Air Lift kits to make life better, including the LoadLifter 5000 Ultimate Plus. The name is a pain to say, but once it is installed on your truck, you won’t stop telling others about this lift kit!

Drivers who are on the fence about the value of a lift kit for their trucks can expect a number of benefits. With a lift kit, you can:

  • Eliminate harsh jarring on rough roads.
  • Level your truck for an even ride.
  • Enjoy maintenance-free operations.
  • Improve handling and braking.
  • Provide a supremely comfortable ride.


You want your vehicle to last a long time, but you also want it to look exceptionally cool. This is where LINE-X sprays can prove to be a quality investment! LINE-X of Memphis and Olive Branch is here to deliver high-quality finishes for every make and model, relying on our spray-in bed liners from the industry leader to outfit vehicles for the road’s harshest adventures.

In the right hands, your LINE-X coating can protect for a lifetime. A few of the top benefits of this polyurea material include:

  • Protection from impacts — Keep dents, dings, scratches, gouges, and more at bay with this rugged spray-on bed liner. LINE-X offers an ideal balance of strength and flexibility to keep the damage from daily wear and tear to a minimum.
  • Defense from chemicals — If you plan on hauling paint and other chemicals around, it can help to know that our protective coating helps to defend from chemical stains and subsequent fading.
  • Ideal corrosion resistance — LINE-X sprays bond at the chemical level, providing a seamless finish that keeps water and corrosion away.
  • Simple maintenance — Smooth surfaces help to make maintenance simple; soap and water are all that’s needed to retain a quality shine!
  • Better acoustics — Are you tired of hearing all that gear slide around the bed of your truck? LINE-X actually dampens these sounds and provides a quieter ride.
  • Eco-friendly results — LINE-X is safe and effective for use on a variety of products, including potable water tanks. You can achieve peace of mind with this environmentally friendly coating.
  • Quality color options — Our team can offer a range of vibrant hues to match and enhance your truck’s design.
  • Ideal finishes — The quick cure time of LINE-X means that you won’t have to worry about dripping on vertical applications. Our protective coating can be applied to almost any surface!

Best of all, these LINE-X coatings are backed by a limited lifetime warranty! Any issues in the finish of your spray-on liner, including bubbling, cracking, or flaking, can be taken into any LINE-X dealership across the country for repairs.

If you’re looking for a stylish way to keep your truck protected, then our spray-on coating pros can help! We offer custom stencils and logos to personalize your vehicle’s coatings.

Ready To Enhance Your Truck?

You’ve put a lot of time and effort into maintaining your truck, so be sure you protect your investment with the best truck accessories from MidSouth Truck Gear & LINE-X! Our Olive Branch and Memphis locations are stocked with industry-leading products and knowledgeable professionals to ensure you leave happy with the results.

You can invest in a variety of truck accessories to create a killer look along with industry-leading protection. We take pride in our materials and services, and work hard to set the tone for quality every step of the way.

Are you ready to see how effective and affordable any of these truck upgrades can be for protecting your vehicle, keeping it clean, and increasing its versatility? Stop by one of our two locations or contact us online to receive your free estimate. We look forward to helping you take on the road with confidence!