What Can LINE-X Coatings Do For Your Truck?

Protective coatings have come a long way in recent years, delivering more versatile protection and better long-term results in an economically affordable manner. When it comes to truck bed liners, Tennessee drivers have a wide range of material choices for how to best protect their most valuable investment. If you’re looking for a spray-on bed liner to improve the protection and aesthetics of your truck, then LINE-X coatings may be your best choice.

Mid-South LINE-X in Memphis and Olive Branch is here to provide high-quality results for those taking on the trail, working at the jobsite, and more. We understand that your vehicle is your prized possession, and our LINE-X team is here and ready to provide the best truck accessories and services to get the job done right. No other truck shop in the state works as hard to exceed your expectations!

Today, we’ll highlight a few of the top reasons why drivers love our LINE-X sprays. Do you need help finding the right truck accessories? Mid-South Truck Gear and Mid-South LINE-X are here to help! Our professionals can outfit your ride for any adventure, so be sure to stop by one of our two locations to get started!


The purpose of your spray-on bed liner is to deliver uncompromising protection in the worst of conditions. Whether you’re an avid outdoorsman or you spend a lot of time on the road, it pays to find a protective coating capable of defending your vehicle from anything that life can throw its way. LINE-X polyurea coatings have a “Shore D” hardness rating, ensuring that your truck is protected from a range of dents and gouges. This product also boasts a tensile strength of 6,600 pounds per square inch, providing serious protection when you need it most!

LINE-X sprays also provide a rugged surface to keep scratches and unsightly abrasions at bay. If you spend much of your day loading and unloading tools and materials in your truck, then a protective coating can help to avoid wear and tear.


The seamless finish of LINE-X coatings provide ideal protection from water infiltration and stains. This polyurea spray bonds at the chemical level, providing a sure fit that keeps moisture away. Your exposed metal surfaces will be covered, eliminating any concerns with rust or corrosion.

LINE-X is also a premium coating to protect against stains. Caustic materials such as gasoline, industrial cleaners, and more can quickly spill and stain your truck bed. With LINE-X, a simple cleanup is all that is needed to wipe away those chemicals and keep your vehicle shining for years to come.



You take pride in the rugged beauty of your truck, so why would you invest in a protective coating that obscures its beauty? LINE-X sprays are designed to form-fit over your existing surfaces, adhering to every angle and creating showroom-quality beauty from the moment you leave the shop. This polyurea coating creates a rigid surface that not only performs well under pressure, but looks great. You can deck your vehicle out in black, or choose from vibrant colors to make your truck pop.

Looking for extra colors and custom stencils? Mid-South LINE-X has the skills to personalize your vehicle for lasting satisfaction. Check out our gallery for inspiration before visiting our truck shop in Memphis or Olive Branch!


Like any quality investment, you want to see the highest return on your investment. LINE-X coatings are built to last a lifetime, and often outlive the vehicles they are applied to. In the rare event that something is wrong, you can breathe easy knowing that your LINE-X services are warrantied for life. If your protective coating begins to flake, crack, or bubble, you can take it to any LINE-X dealer across the country for complete repairs. Our team will be happy to correct any issues!

Protect Your Truck Today!

Mid-South LINE-X is here to deliver premium results without the luxury price tag. Our protective coatings are installed with precision to provide the best result for your vehicle. You spend a lot of time in your truck, so be sure you are happy with it year after year with LINE-X. Ready to see how amazing this truck bed liner can be for you? Visit us at one of our two locations, and feel free to contact us online if you have any questions. We look forward to seeing you!